Gallery administration system gallery administration system

The story behind

GAS has been thoroughly tested and is still under development for the benefit of gallery owners.

In 1998, gallery NB expanded with La Galerie Danoise (today Galerie Maria Lund) in Paris.Consequently the need to keep track of each artwork and to know which customers to invite to various exhibitions in Denmark and France occurred.

We also wanted to have a complete overview of artworks titles, formats, whether they were on commission or to be traded as stock, having photos of the works and at what price they were sold.

In addition, we would prefer to be able to edit our website at the same time.  Therefore we made ​​it possible to upload a photo and basic facts about the work to our website - just by one click.

At first a relatively simple system met our needs, but in time we wanted to be able to use the system for other features such as newsletters to our customers, press releases etc.. Therefore, we loaded features such as filtrations on customer groups, country codes, zip codes and their interests for individual artists into the system.

A small detail, but very important to us, was the possibility to make notes special requests for the next purchase into the system. This feature in GAS makes it very easy for us to find the person and make contact regarding the new artwork.

In recent years, we have further developed the system with so many options and with an immense flexibility that prevents a brief listing of all of its features. However, it is worth mentioning that with the implementation of the billing module, we now have a complete database, which we will not find better anywhere else in the world.

GAS was really only intended for personal use, but we have now decided that our colleagues should benefit from the system's unique functionality and usability. Also, the system is secured, which does not allow any users to interfere. Prior to this release, we have for two years had three international galleries with very different profiles, an art collection and an artist using GAS.
The few malfunctions that have been found are now fixed, and therefore we proudly recommend GAS to our colleagues around the world.


Thorkild NB Nielsen
gallery NB